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“I brought my 57 Chevy to the Brookfield location to have 3 door dents removed. Was told that it would look like they were never there. I picked up my car yesterday and they were right, door looks like it never had dents. Great job. My wife is planning on taking her car to have a dent removed after seeing the results of my Chevy. Thanks for a great job!!!”

Keith C.

“Could not have gone better. Drove up w/o appointment. Was given price of $125. Car was ready in 45 minutes. They also buffed out other nearby scratches!!”


“Had a large dent in the right rear fender. Could not have been more pleased!!! First time there. Was very happy with the professional service. You literally could not tell where it originally was.”


“I am a perfectionist. And so are the technicians at Dent Clinic. This is why I am a repeat customer. They have worked on all my vehicles for over 15 years. 1998 Acura lntegra, 2002 Acura RSX, 2003 Porsche 911 GT3, 2005 Porsche 911 Turbo, 2005 Porsche Cayenne Turbo, 2007 Porsche 911 Turbo, 2008 Porsche 911 GT2. 2012 Mclaren MP4-12c, 2013 Audi 54. My most recent repair was on my McLaren – the entire car is made from composite materials except 3 areas – the roof, the hood, and the front fenders are made from aluminum. I sustained 2 small dings on the passenger front fender – both were removed perfectly. Their prices are excellent. Their service is beyond reproach. It’s nice to have technicians who love cars as much as I do.”


“So I JUST got my new car a month ago, and i find out over the weekend that someone hit my door with their car door. The dent was about the size of a nickel and it had black paint in it. My car is silver, so the dent was clear as day to see. I called up Mike at Dent Clinic and he gave me an estimate over the phone of $85 dollars (based on my description of the dent). They told me to come in at any time and they could do it right then. I got there 15 mins later and Bob picked up my car and said he would have it looking 100%. 25 mins later I paid the bill and went to check it out. You couldn’t even tell there was a dent there in the first place. Bob did an amazing job. I was so excited, I ran back in and thanked them. If I am ever unfortunate again to receive such damage to my vehicle, i will not hesitate to go back. They were quick. friendly. and top notch. The quality was worth the price. Thank you Bob and Mike! My car is pretty again!”


“If you have a dent go to him FIRST, he will either fix it or give you an honest opinion of what you should do if he can’t fix it (AND he won’t take your money if he feels he was unsuccessful = VERY HONEST) He told me right away given where the dent was that it may be difficult to pull out but he would give it a shot. I came back in an hour and he had gotten some of it out however as he suspected it wouldn’t fully come out. He wouldn’t charge me for it even though he spent about an hour working on the door. Found that to be incredibly honest and what it translates to is if you have a dent go to him first, he’ll either fix it or tell you that you need to go to a body shop and why.”


“Excellent job. They were a bit cautious about the estimate based on the location of the dent with disruption of the body line. But they came through as promised, and fixed a difficult dent without a trace! Much less expensive than a body shop. with better results. Will use again!”


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